品检机Product inspection machine




1型号 3Z-2C-200


3最大检测进料宽度 200mm


5额定功率 4Kw

6.额定电压 220V±10%

7.外形尺寸1900* 3000*1000mm(高*长*宽))


Technical parameters

1. model 3Z-2C-200

2. Material Roll

3. Maximum test material width 200mm

4. Maximum operating speed 20m/min

5. Rated power 4kw

6. Rated voltage 220v±10%

7. Dimensions1900* 3000*1000mm(H*L*W)

8. Weight 0.7T




3. 具有工艺参数存储功能,调用灵活;

4. 最高速度20米/分钟;

5. 最大检测进料宽度200mm;

6. 每套轴均由单独的伺服系统驱动,通用于收料、放料、改变方向、拟人化启动;

7. 计片、计米报警停机功能,能够按设定数量自动控制设备停止;

8. 各收、放料轴可分别选择自动恒张力控制或恒转矩控制模式;

9. 断料报警停机功能,料轴材料用完或断料后控制设备自动停机,防止料头卷入设备;

10. 各收放料轴均配有一键式启动/停止按钮,更便于操作人员换料作业;

11. 具备尺寸测量与表面缺陷检测双功能,也可单独开启尺寸测量功能或者表面缺陷检测功能;

12. 尺寸测量有效视野为40mm*40mm,可同时测量10个以上尺寸;

13. 表面缺陷可检测堵孔、异物、变形、多胶、缺胶、漏排废等缺陷;

14. 缺陷检测有效视野为160mm*150mm(大于该视野可选配不同型号镜头);

15. 不良品处理模式:准确位置停机报警与在线打标两种模式。高速准确停机报警,停机后一键高速复原启动,在线打标(选配);

1. Operating system: 21-inch touch HMI panel on swing arm with separate rail mounted consoles for easy operator access.

2. Self-developed control system, function customization can be realized.

3. Synchronous control system for die cutting with short synchronous period and quick response.

4. With the function of Storing all process parameters for each product, and flexible call.

5. Maximum cutting speed of 20 meters/min (200 ft/min).

6. Maximum material width of 200 mm (10”).

7. Each set of die cutting station is controlled by certain servo drive for start, stop, forward, reverse, synchro, scale, trimming functions.

8. Each set of material shafts is driven by a separate servo system, which is used for receiving, discharging, changing direction, and anthropomorphic start-up.

9. With rectification function: automaticallyadjust the Y direction of the main feed axis.

10. The die-cutting tool speed can be easily adjusted independently.

11. The chip and meter alarm stop function can automatically control the device to stop according to the set quantity.

12. Each receiving and discharging axis can select automatic constant tension control or constant torque control mode respectively.

13. Island placement modules available, registered dispensing of smaller die cut components onto other components, or pre-printed web features, minimizes material waste.

14. Each of the retractable material shafts is equipped with a one-button start/stop button, which is more convenient for the operator to refuel the operation.

15. Effective visual field of dimension measurement is 40mm*40mm, more than 10 dimensions can be measured at the same time

16. The surface defect such as hole blocking, foreign body deformation, glue missing, glue leakage and waste discharge

17. The effective visual field for defect detection is 160mm*150mm (larger than this visual field, different types of lenses are optional).

18. Processing mode of defective products: accurate position shutdown alarm and online markinghigh-speed accurate shutdown alarm, one-button high-speed recovery start after shutdown, online marking (optional)